July 2, 2012

(Out)Laws & Justice Included as a Case Study in New Book: Theatre for Change

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We are honored that (Out)Laws & Justice is included as a case study in an important new book that will be used by drama and theatre university instructors who are teaching the next generation of middle and high school teachers. Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action and Therapy by Robert J. Landy and David T. Montgomery who are, respectively, a Professor of Educational Theatre and Applied Psychology and Clinical Assistant Professor for the Program in Educational Theatre at New York University. The book provides an international overview of the latest work and thinking in Drama and Education, and features interviews with a worldwide variety of leading practitioners and theorists. The book explores how Educational Theatre, Applied Theatre and Drama Therapy facilitate change within schools, community centers, prisons, and theatres.

While middle and high schools teacher and administrators who value the benefits of arts education, few in our experience, have the background or knowledge of how educational drama improves students’ academic achievement. Theatre for Change offers an eagle’s eye overview and close analysis of specific practices that explore and makes meaning of human events through the application of drama and theatre. For (Out)Laws & Justice students, these practices opens up and allows students in history and social science classes and in English language arts classes to themselves identity the problems and generate questions that are moral, social and political in the events and literature that they study.

It is thrilling that (Out)Laws & Justice is part of the effort by experienced and exceptional facilitators in schools and communities around the world. Theatre, in all of its manifestations, is essentially concerned with change.

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Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action and Therapy

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