When asked about (Out)Laws & Justice Jacey replied, “I like it.” Pointing to her head, she said, “It let’s me use my mind!”

By giving to (Out)Laws & Justice, you are giving underserved, at-risk kids a truly transformative experience — one student at a time, one teacher at a time, one class at a time, one school community at at time.

“Across the country there is a bombardment of ‘great curriculum’ but many of our students remain disengaged and disinterested. It’s all about student engagement. In (Out)Laws & Justice I have seen the students interested and engaged.”

—Jeff Campbell, Teacher, Frida Kahlo High School, a public Los Angeles school partnered with Big Picture Schools.

(Out)Laws & Justice students are typically from homes whose lifestyles are associated with poverty, unemployment and low educational attainment. Please help us keep giving hope and the means to change to our students.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities

Call or write Lisa Citron at 323.702.9682 or

Gold – $2,000
Sponsor teaching artists for (Out)Laws & Justice classes. The resident theater artist works with the classroom teacher to align theater activities to the  lesson plan. The teaching artist  also directs the culminating play.

Silver – $1,000
Sponsor videotaping the (Out)Laws & Justice performances, so they can be featured on the OLJ Website.

Copper – $500
Sponsor a theatre company, formed by the students; including the purchase of materials for costumes, props and sets (built by the students).

Schoolhouse – $150
Sponsor the purchase of (Out)Laws & Justice student textbooks.

Your support is tax-deductible.

Checks can also be mailed to:

City Lore fbo (Out)Laws & Justice

Attn: Lois Wilcken
72 East 1st Street, New York NY 10003

If you would like to speak directly to an (Out)Laws & Justice executive director about donating, please email

(Out)Laws & Justice accepts contributions and/or donations of any size from private individuals, foundations, and corporations. (Out)Laws & Justice receives fiscal sponsorship from City Lore, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.