January 8, 2008 – New Website

Los Angeles, California—January 8, 2008
Contact: Lisa Citron
Phone: 323.702.9682

(Out)Law & Order has a brand new name! And… a new web site.

What is fair and what is unfair? What is just? What is unjust?
Our new name emphasizes a major theme of study — justice itself.

Justice is divided into three categories: distributive justice, corrective justice and procedural justice.

The (Out)Laws & Justice curriculum focuses on relationships between 19th century American westward expansion and contemporary realities faced daily in students’ lives. While it may seem unnecessarily complex to teach three types of justice to middle school students, it is actually helpful. With each issue of justice a different set of ideas or “intellectual tools” is used. Through discussion, writing and by theater teaching artists teaching drama in the classroom, students examine and practice making decisions in each category.

In the context of justice, three other important recurring themes are explored in (Out)Laws & Justice — honor, rugged individualism and the right of self-defense. The principles and values in specific situations are dramatized and culminate in plays written and performed by our eighth-grade students.